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Welcome to the MX Vice advertising hub.

Our advertisers are as important as our visitors, as both are needed to be successful, and this was taken into account when designing our new platform.

Where content is king

We have built a community that appreciate great content.

The MX Vice Facebook business page reaches a minimum of 10 million people per month. 62% of those followers engage.

Video views on Facebook
Platform reach each month
Videos produced in 12 months
Tweet impressions per month


The MX Vice Facebook business page reaches a minimum of 10 million people per month. 62% of those followers engage.


Our 34,000 followers help our tweets reach 2 million people each month.


Our Instagram account has 50k followers and is growing daily. Keep an eye out for our live streaming.


More than one hundred videos a year are produced at MX Vice and, consequently, our YouTube channel is starting to grow.


At MX Vice, we were early adopters of the one most exciting platforms out there. More than 5000 people follow our snaps.


A ‘B2B’ platform that we use to connect with brands both in and out of motocross.


The MX Vice website was formed in 2011 and now reaches over 270,000 unique people each month.

Native App

It is being built as you read this and is much, much more than a news app. It’ll features a vault, games, a track finder and much more.


The home of our ‘Fantasy MX Manager,’ as well as our in-house game that is being built from February 2017.

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This is one of the most common forms of click through for users and advertisers. Our new pricing structure is in line with the media industry. This will take advantage of Google’s DoubleClick system, as well as being IAB compliant, and will enable us to target your audience down to a postcode (or zip code) and the required demographic.

Plan Cost Impressions CPM Commitment
A £300/month 40,000 £7.50 1 month
B £400/month 60,000 £6.66 3 months
C £600/month 120,000 £5.00 6 months
D £500/month Unlimited - 12 months
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What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Cooperating with MX Vice has been great for the Atlas Brand. Their website and social media following is a great platform to showcase our products and communicate our message to a sizeable audience.

Brad McLean President of Atlas Braces


You get more than just an advert, when sponsoring an article on MX Vice, as you will also tap into our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers. Those platforms reach a minimum of 5.4 million people each month! Your business page on Facebook will be tagged in, allowing our community to follow your page. The article has two of your adverts on as well, giving you a double whammy! Click here for more information.

Article Information Cost
Results Recap A collection of results from around the world, no matter if the event took place in the United States or New Zealand. If it is relevant to a user of MX Vice, it’ll be here. £400/month
Matthes Report Our American correspondent, Steve Matthes, checks in weekly with insight, rumours and interviews from the USA. Tapping into his massive fan base in America, his column is never short of exposure across the globe. £500/month
Stat Sheet A more in-depth look at the results from the weekend that just happened. Stats and insight fill this weekly feature that is perfect for the biggest fans. £300/month
Viewpoint Found on MX Vice on Monday, ‘Viewpoint’ is an interview with a relevant character from the weekend. You’ll find the rider who everyone wants to hear from in this spot. £300/month

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We provide interviews with riders, team managers and officials at every single race. Stats for each podcast start from 1000 unique listens per round. Now your company can be a part of that, so contact us now.

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