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If you follow our progress, you will know that all of us behind MX Vice are digital experts with more than twenty years of experience and all from digital agency background. Although we have a huge love for motocross and digital, we hated working in an agency environment. It has been a breath of fresh air for us to listen to users, then roll out updates and features frequently, without having a 'client' insist on building a website for 'them' rather than the audience. We have managed to build a passionate and engaging community, because of this, which is something we are very proud of. How engaged our Twitter (one tweet has had more than 300 replies), Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat audiences are something we are hugely proud of, as we are of the landing place to those engagements which is our website.

We want our partners to benefit from the hard work we have put in over the past six years, but are mindful not to agitate or turn off our audience. We have always been selective with who we work with – it has to be the right fit.

We started to phase out banner ads on multiple pages this year through experimentation. You are looking at a 0.05% click through rate as standard using this age-old process, as mentioned elsewhere. We are proposing something different, something that gives a better return for your money and will keep your brand and products in the user’s mind.

Our content is separated into channels and those channels will have one brand sponsor that can change the adverts as often as they like to keep users engaged and try out new ways to improve the number of clicks. Through experimentation with brands this year, we have smashed all previous ROI results and worldwide banner ad stats by this process. Some campaigns this year have hit close to a 3.5% click through rate and yielded 500,000 impressions of advert awareness. Can you imagine a magazine advert being seen 500,000 times?

Without doubt our homepage banners still perform ridiculously well, again surpassing the web average by 500%. We have managed to make this work by working with partners and helping them with the following feedback:

  • Design two banners for two different age groups; thirty and below, then thirty-one and above. There is no one size that fits all. This will be extra work, yes, but if you are paying for the ad in the first place it is worth doing. Why are you advertising in the first place also?
  • A clear call to action. So many companies just put a product up along with its name and that is it. What do you want people to do? Find out more? Click here? Competition? Give people a reason to click through.
  • Animate. You have one space to connect to that visitor, make the most of it with video and animation. If you are appealing to a younger demographic they are more acceptable of this and will engage with it. Remember there is a difference between catching their eye and making them bleed.
  • Use 'icons' like Travis Pastrana, Chad Reed, Jeffrey Herlings, Antonio Cairoli etc. as this is more likely to make motocross fans engage if you sponsor them. We see an increase in clicks when an image has an icon in.
  • Keep it simple, but effective.

More information about our channel sponsorship can be found here.

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Posted by James Burfield

James Burfield is founder of MX Vice and previously, an owner of a digital agency for 10 over years. James focuses on ROI, analytics and constanly looking at opportunities for growth using digital for brands and companies.