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Last year we had our most successful January and February since we began and it was all down to one thing, California! Our team went to California in December 2015 to cover the start of the Monster Energy Supercross season and we are going to do it again in 2016. Our community grew an extraordinary amount through this time, as no other media outlet was out at the practice tracks each day through the week producing videos and interviews with the riders. We’ll be pushing forward with that concept again in a little under a month.

We don’t lose touch with our roots through that time either, as we also find the time to link up the elite MXGP riders who are training in the USA. We put together this great video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C92IcEUQt5s) with Clement Desalle last year, for instance, and capitalised on an opportunity that no other media outlet could.

Our European Supercross opportunity was taken up by six brands. It was a great opportunity to work with some new brands alongside our existing partners, and each of those benefitted from an increase in reach in a time that is otherwise quite quiet.

Just like with the European supercross deal, we have made it affordable for brands to both connect with our international community and generate a return on investment. Whilst some media outlets charge $1,500 for an advert in a magazine that covers half a page in a magazine, we are offering ten weeks of advertising for less (£999) that’ll see you take advantage of our 5.4 million reach.

  • Countless tags on all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat).
  • Adverts on every area of MX Vice, including our unique articles/interviews. These will link to the relevant pages of your site.
  • Logos on all videos from practice tracks that go on either our YouTube or social media channels. These will be riding videos, interviews and much more.
  • Constant promotion of your company as an MX Vice partner who is presenting our entire Californian trip.
  • Specific social media posts that promote your products on our social media accounts, which reach millions of people at a time.
  • Weekly statistics that consist of real data, which will show how we have helped your company.
  • Social media content of your own. If you want it, we can provide content for your website and social media midweek.

We are flexible with our content, so if there is a certain product that you want to push at a certain point in this time we can work to accommodate that and ensure you get the most out of your experience with MX Vice.

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Posted by James Burfield

James Burfield is founder of MX Vice and previously, an owner of a digital agency for 10 over years. James focuses on ROI, analytics and constanly looking at opportunities for growth using digital for brands and companies.