MX Fantasy Manager 2017

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We pushed it onto the sidelines for this year (2016), but our CTO has managed to build MX Manager into the new platform. MX Manager, if you are not aware, is the MX Vice fantasy game that’ll run for the American, MXGP and British series. We'll be starting our marketing drive from now and our target is to have over 20,000 people playing MX Manager before the MXGP season kicks off. We're looking for a partner to come aboard and capitalise on this great opportunity, but you can read more here about how we can deliver a great ROI for you. January 10th MX Manager v1.0 will be released with a strategic marketing plan. Our target is to create the ultimate bench-racing platform for 20,000 people.

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Posted by James Burfield

James Burfield is founder of MX Vice and previously, an owner of a digital agency for 10 over years. James focuses on ROI, analytics and constanly looking at opportunities for growth using digital for brands and companies.