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Our CTO Leroy Kirby has been working on site enhancements throughout the year. Like any business we have got a priority order for rollout, depending on business objectives. Our main objective has been to simplify the advertising within MX Vice as a company and website. We knew we had to improve our account management and reports, so we have spent the past three months building a self-automated advertising system that allows partners to have analytics to the website and every page/channel they wish to advertise on including a price.

From October 1st advertisers will be able to elect the channel they wish to advertise on (MXGP, Monster Energy Supercross, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, Maxxis British Championship, Youth and Amateur etc.), find out how many visitors the page receives, view past history of the page to understand the growth and even see how many people are viewing that page at present. A dashboard for advertisers gives them an insight into how their advertisements are performing, along with tips and feedback on how to improve them to get more people clicking on them.

The advertising system will also feature our social insights that we believe will be one on the most used tools in 2018. Although built for motocross riders, teams and brands we believe this will be used by MTB riders, enduro riders and other sports.

The MX Vice website will continually evolve in design and build until it reaches our vision, but at the moment we are only 20% of the way there. There is a long way to go. We also have the Paddock, App, MX Manager and Broadcaster on the way. Some there you have not heard of, but they will shape motocross media in the years to come.

We will continue to innovate and drive the sport forward from a media perspective and we have one more project we are in the process of building, but we will put out an update in the future when we are nearly ready to roll out a beta version.

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Posted by James Burfield

James Burfield is founder of MX Vice and previously, an owner of a digital agency for 10 over years. James focuses on ROI, analytics and constanly looking at opportunities for growth using digital for brands and companies.