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We have mentioned our vision of how a website should be countless times; it should be user-friendly with advertising that is unobtrusive but effective. We now believe that we have the perfect solution, which both users and advertisers will welcome.

In order to go forward, we’ll constantly tweak and improve the website based on the data from the tools we have and feedback. We believe perfection takes time, you see. There are a whole host of changes that have been implemented, but we’ll talk about them all individually and the date that each will be rolled out here.

Data is the key and with real data, you get real results! MX Vice use these results to develop the site further based on events setup with GA and usage metrics. It's not a case of adding Google Analytics (GA) and just looking at how many people visited you, GA gives you insights on everything you need to make improvements digitally.

James Burfield - Founder/Sales

So January 10th 2017 will see the new international (.com) website being released along with a dedicated ‘’ website for British motocross enthusiasts. Both sites will feature our new structure that includes, channels, hubs, Google Double Click advertising and a comprehensive tagging system. These are all fundamental parts of the media platform and will help roll out Vice into different sectors in the next year.

Significant Dates:

	Dec 7th 2016 - Beta roll out of for the public to test the new platform.
	Jan 10th 2017 - International & British Platform realease.
	Jan 17th 2017 - Fantasy MX Manager v1.0 to be released. Users can select there teams and leagues.
	Jan 31st 2017 - MX Vice Vault to be released for public use.
	Feb 20th 2017 - Fantasy MX Mananger 'test' run with prize.

We'll be releasing information every week and offering insights through our media kit, so please pop back to keep up with our progress.

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Posted by James Burfield

James Burfield is founder of MX Vice and previously, an owner of a digital agency for 10 over years. James focuses on ROI, analytics and constanly looking at opportunities for growth using digital for brands and companies.